Cinematic Wedding Films 
Question :  Why are your prices so much more reasonable than other videographers in the area?

Answer :   I got married 13 years ago and at the time I definitely could not afford a videographer. Instead, I had a friend pick up his camcorder and film us. The results are mediocre at best. I want to be able to offer prices that give someone in a similar situation a choice. 

Q:  Do you strictly stay to what what your Wedding Packages offer, or can it be customized for our personal needs?

A:  I specialize in giving my brides and grooms exactly the video that they want. My packages offer what I feel my couples would want, but it's not my wedding video. It's yours and you should get it exactly the way you want it. Extra fees may apply for something that requires more editing, more hours, or more travel, etc. 

​Q: Do I need a second videographer?

A: A second videographer is great and needed for all day coverage. We simply can not be in two places at the same time. However, in most situations ,with smaller weddings, one videographer can get the job done and not miss a beat. A lot of the times in smaller venues, I find that me and my second videographer get in each others ways. It all really depends on what you are looking for as far as coverage. But, the bottom line is, you will receive a phenomenal wedding film whether there is one or three videographers. 

Q:  Does Vegas Bones Productions own the rights to my wedding video?

A:  No, we do not. You can copy or disperse your video however you like. That being said, I can always make more copies of your DVD with the case art that I design. The price for extra DVD(s) and Blu-Ray's is one(1) for $20 or three(3) for $50.

​Q:  How long will it take to receive my completed wedding video?

A:  Your completed wedding video will not take longer than 90 days from your wedding date to be completed. There will be a specific time-frame written into your contract that I absolutely do not miss. If I am not super busy, you will probably receive the video much sooner. It could be as quick as two weeks.

Q:  What do we do to reserve a wedding date?

​A:  In order to hold your date you must sign a contract with Vegas Bones Productions and submit a deposit for 1/3 of the total amount due. The deposit is not refundable.

Q:  What happens if you(the videographer) gets sick and are unable to film out wedding?

A:  I have a couple other videographers that I can call if need be. My business partner, Cristina, is the next person in line if something should happen and she is fully trained, very creative, and capable of filming your wedding.

Q:  Do you attend the rehearsal?

A: Most of the time, no. I used to attend rehearsals regularly, but I found that it wasn't that helpful. Things always tend to be a little different on the wedding day. But, I have lots of experience and I am able to accommodate to any situation. I will however speak briefly with the on premise co-ordinator the day of to get basic information on the ceremony to make sure I am aware of all contingencies.