Cinematic Wedding Films 



- Panasonic GH4 DSLR - Multiple Lenses
- Panasonic AF100A Professional Camcorder - Multiple Lenses
- Sennheiser Wireless Microphone
- Sennheiser and Rode Shotgun Microphones
​- Zoom Digital recorder
- Ronin- M 3-Axis Stabilzer

   My name is Ray Beaudoin and I am the owner and lead videographer for Vegas Bones Productions. I have been a professional videographer since 2006, filming hundreds of weddings. promotional videos, and numerous other live events. 

  My wife, and business partner, Cristina Beaudoin, is also an integral part of the team as well. Cristina handles a lot of the behind the scenes tasks, but is also a very capable videographer. A photography hobbyist, she has a keen eye for really cool shots. 

   Before starting my own company in 2006 I worked on various film projects in Los Angeles, where I gained my love for telling a story. It was also in Los Angeles that I filmed my first couple of weddings. A friend of mine, a very successful videographer, asked me to film a wedding for him. I did. The rest is history.

​   I have a huge passion for film and television and use this to fuel the creativity as I put together the perfect memory for my brides and grooms. 

  "Vegas Bones" was a short lived nick name given to me a long time ago. No one calls me that anymore, but I loved the name and use it for my business. 

  When I'm not hard at work running my company, I spend my extra time living a great life with my wife and two beautiful daughters.

   I am the primary videographer and editor for all my weddings and events.

   Thanks for considering Vegas Bones Productions.


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